MMA Boxing Gloves Kick Boxing Mitts Breathable Boxing Equipment


This MMA Gloves are made of dense, innovative and multi-layer foam, which can provide better shock absorbency and well protect your partner. With the good quality thick padding on the front, back and wrist, it can well protect your thumb, fist, and wrist from punching and kicking.

Material:  PU Leather & Sponge & Mesh 

Suitable for:  MMA, Sparring, fighting heavy bag, working outs, sanda, etc.

Package Includes: 1 Pair x Boxing Gloves


1.The palm of this Grappling Gloves adopts high quality green screen cloth, Breathable, Comfortable and quick perspiration.

2.Curved Design, the boxing first peak is about 2.5cm.

3.The hand-back section is fully attached to the back of the hand and greatly improved the flexibility of the wrist.

4.Made of high-quality multi-layer material, advanced PU Leather and EVA Sponge, can provide better shock absorbency and effectively protect against impact, more durable for long-term use.

5.With thumb protection, provides effective protection, give you optimal striking protection in the training and competition.

6.Two-layers of Nylon fastening tape design to strengthen the protection of the wrist.And the widened wrist strap allows for a more customizable fit while providing solid wrist support.