GoBliss Personalised Health & Fitness Program


The GoBliss Health & Fitness Program provides you with all you need to get fit and healthy while enjoying the process. Every exercise plan we provide is tailored to your needs, abilities and lifestyle. You will also have a dedicated GoBliss Fitness Trainer who will provide support and motivation throughout the duration of your plan.

Your personal Fitness Plan provides you with the knowledge and minsight to get fit and healthy. 

What's included in the Plan?

- A Customized Plan (it doesn’t matter how good a plan is if you don’t personally like it. People will only do things they hate for so long) we make programs based on amount of how many days you want to workout & what you like doing.

So your SUCCESS rate goes UP

- An accountability group. This doesn’t mean everyone is in your business. It means every person is posting their progress, struggles, and victories.

- Unlimited coach contact. Our clients appreciate this so much. Being able to adjust or ask questions on a moments notice gives them a feeling of caring!

- A LONG TERM PLAN. I tell my clients this exactly “this is a one time investment. I will teach you everything you need to know to be able to make your own plans and workouts the rest of your life. I’ll be the last Trainer you ever hire.”

Our goal isn’t to keep people on as clients forever. It’s to have them make a one time investment and then never pay for fitness plan again!

Initial Fitness Counseling (MI) (1 hour session)

Fitness assessment

Monthly Counseling (1/2 hour session)

A personalised Fitness Plan designed around your current lifestyle. You tell us where you would prefer to exercise; at the gym or at home and your exercise frequency. We will then build this information into a plan to make the perfect GoBliss Fitness exercise routine for you. We change the plan every 4 weeks to keep you fresh and motivated.

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