Olympic - Barbell Lock Collar

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  • Tailored to fit any standard Olympic barbell
  • This Barbell Collars make it safe and easy to load plates and keep them in place
  • As you work towards your lifting goals.


Secure, Safe Weightlifting

Securely positions weight plates for rigorous use 
Integrated grip pads with easy to operate Lock Lever makes it simple to change plates 

Quality Construction

Solid nylon injected molded frame for durability 
Tailored to fit any Olympic size barbell 

Additional Details

Type: Barbell
Model Number: A0115A0116
Product Name: Barbell Collar Clamp
Color: Black
Corresponding 1: Dia 25mm/1
Corresponding 2: Dia 50mm/2
Application: Weight lifting/dead lift/overhead press
Feature 1: Standard olympic size
Feature 2: Fast locking and release
Feature 3: Not easy to slide
Feature 4: Safety
Package: 1 pair of barbell collars