Hand Gripper Finger Stretcher

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  • 20lbs/40lbs/60lbs Finger Expander
  • Ergonomic Hand Gripper Finger Stretcher
  • Exercise Stretching Strength Trainer
  • Yoga Grip Device

Type: Gripping Ring
Model Number: Finger Gripper Strength Trainer
Function: Muscle Relex Apparatus
type: hand yoga
Material: silicone, alloy, fabric
Weight: about 65g
Color: green (20 pounds), blue (40 pounds), red (60 pounds)
type 1: Finger Gripper Strength Trainer
type 2: Hand Yoga Resistance Band
type 3: Finger Expander Exercise
type 4: Hand Grip Wrist Strength Trainer
type 5: Fitness accessories
type 6: Finger Flexion And Extension Training Device
type 7: for training
type 8: exerciser of strength for finger
type 9: spring grip
type 10: Hand Gripper
type 11: hand yoga resistance trainer
type 12: hand yoga resistance band trainer
Feature: wrist strength trainer for fitness
Feature 1: wrist strength trainer
Feature 2: Hand Gripper
Feature 3: gripper strength trainer
Feature 4: resistance band trainer
Feature 5: resistance band finger trainer
Feature 6: resistance band finger expander trainer
Feature 7: hand yoga resistance trainer
Feature 8: hand yoga resistance band trainer
Feature 9: hand grip wrist trainer
Feature 10: hand grip wrist strength trainer
Feature 11: 20lbs Hand Gripper
Feature 12: 60lbs Hand Gripper
Feature 13: 40lbs Hand Gripper
Feature 14: 20lbs finger expander trainer
Feature 15: 40lbs finger expander trainer
Feature 16: 60lbs finger expander trainer
Feature 17: Hand Yoga expander trainer
Style1: Portable Fitness Equipment
Style2: finger power device
Style3: yoga fitness exercise equipment
Style4: Finger flexion
Style5: extension training device
Style6: rehabilitation abduction
Style 7: finger expander