Calmdo V77 Vacuum Sealer Machine



  • Shipping Weight : 3.300kg
  • Net Weight : 3.600kg
  • Package Length : 49.8000cm
  • Package Width : 24.5000cm
  • Package Hight : 14.8000cm
  • Package Description : Vacuum Sealer Machine*1cm





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CalmDo Vacuum Sealer Machine, With Automatic Bag Detection and Cleaning System, Compact Design with Built-in Cutter and Roll Bags


Simply put the vacuum bag in the vacuum sealing slot, vacuum bag will automatically flim in and flim out without opening and closing the cover, while the LED process bar will help you guide the vacuum sealing process



Up to -85kPa powerful vacuum pump for fast vacuum processing time, and high quality heating wire for quick preheating, reach an optimal vacuum level and airtight seal just with one-touch. Designed with unique fan-cooled motor for continuous, repetitive sealing without overheating



Exclusive self-cleaning mode automatically helps you eliminate odor and moisture inside the sealer with one-touch. Compact design with stainless steel housing, easy to clean up and storage



With 4 vacuum sealing modes for the ideal food preservation based on the type of your food, ideal for meat, catches of game or fish, harvest crops, bulk foods, and dry goods for the pantry and freezer, also perfect for preparing sous vide cooking


A built-in cutter and a roll of vacuum bags let you trim and customize the seal bags according to the size you need. External hose attachment helps you vacuum seal your cansiters, jars and wine bottle




Model: V77
Voltage: 120V, 60Hz
Vacuum Power: - 85kPa (MAX)
Maximum Sealing Width: 300mm/ 11.8inch
Weight: 3.3kg/ 7.28lb
Product Size: 44.5*16.5*10.5cm/ 17.52*6.5*4.13inch
Please Note: For better cleaning effect, add 0.67-2.36oz water including a little neutral detergent in the vacuum bag while using the self-cleaning mode.

Conventional Food Preservation VS CalmDo Automatic Vacuum Sealer: Vacuum Sealing Preserves Just Picked Freshness
Conventional Food Preservation:

Storing conventionally in a refrigerator, the food will last for typical 1-3 days.
Smoking, drying, salting, fermentation, or a combination of these methods, or even deep-fat frying and steaming with salt, the food will last 6-12 months, but moisture and nutrients are lost.


CalmDo Automatic Vacuum Sealer:

Sucking out all the oxygen, one of the main causes of mold and food spoilage, from bags and creates an airtight seal to lock in freshness with moisture and nutrients up to 6 months.
Buying meats in bulk, dividing into meal-sized portions and sealing allows you to have fresh meat on hand for up to 6 months. This leads to an incredible food savings, cost savings, space savings, time savings.

Please Note: For better effect, we recommend to pack fresh fruits and vegetables in a preservation box and store them in the refrigeration, because they have a breathing effect and release heat, which easily expand the bag, not suitable for vacuum storage at room temperature.