Wireless Remote Control Switch Wall Light Touch Switch for Smart Home

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Homes,offices,shopping malls,hotels,hospitals,warehouses and other places of lighting control and similar electrical appliances control.
A remote controller can control an unlimited number of receivers
Intelligent touch function chipset
Automatically disconnect the power with overload protection function
Luxurious designs,energy saving
Super penetration of the signal,the wireless remote control
Using with all types of lights including incandescent, fluorescent lamps, tubes, energy saver and motion sensor lamps and so on
With touch function and remote control function.

Wireless remote control switch is using RFID (Radio frequency identification)technology,using the wireless remote control of all kinds of lighting a new intelligent switch, one or more lamps on the indoor control of the product in accordance with the International Electrotechnical practice and the use of domestic outside the most advanced electronic circuit design, stable and reliable performance.

Brand: Saful
Model: TS-W433
Touch Switch Type: 1 Gang/2 Gang/3 Gang

The remote control specification parameters
Battery: 1 pcs 23A/12V battery
Standy power consumption:
line 1≤0.04mW
line 2≤0.08mW  
line 3≤0.12mW      
Remote control distance: 30 meters or less
Spectrum: 433.92MHz
Material: tempering glass panel and ABS
Color: white
Dimensins: 86*86*16mm

Package includes:
1 x Wireless Remote Control Touch Switch
2 x Foam Sticker
1 x User Manual