Posture Corrector Brace Shoulder Back Support Belt for Men Women - Braces & Supports Belt Shoulder Posture

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  • ✔✔ REDUCE NECK & BACK PAIN – How many times have you caught yourself hunched over your desk or slouching throughout everyday life? As a result, this causes unnecessary stress on your spine, causing discomfort and pain throughout your upper and lower body. Back pain relief is now one click away with the Posture Corrector by Essentials. Alleviate everyday back pain with this discreet, lightweight and ultra comfortable posture corrector while improving your health, posture and confidence!
  • ✔✔ EASY TO USE & DISCREET – Made of lightweight mesh and neoprene, our posture corrector offers easy back brace adjustments allowing for a form fitting experience. The ergonomic Velcro and strap system works by distributing pressure in key areas of support on your neck, back and shoulders resulting in just the right amount of tension in aiding back pain relief while improving posture habits. The low-profile design is meant for comfort and all-day wear, going unnoticed underneath clothing.
  • ✔✔ GET YOUR CONFIDENCE BACK – In addition to the health benefits of using posture support, the psychological advantage is obvious. As you retrain your muscles, your spine will realign and you will naturally begin to stand taller with your shoulders pulled back in proper form, communicating confidence in any space you walk in. Body language is important in every circumstance of life, whether its work or a date, the confidence you will gain from using our posture corrector is without question.
  • ✔✔ PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION – Made for both men and women, every detail of our unisex posture corrector is tailored for providing the best upper back, lower back, neck and shoulder support. We improved the traditional back brace with anchoring straps, breathable elastic materials and metal rods for additional spine alignment and support to allow those in need to instantly improve their posture and health for years to come. Our products are made to last and ready to support you when you need it most!
  • ✔✔ TRY RISK-FREE, 2 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY! - Try the Posture Corrector by Essentials RISK-FREE with our 2 Year Limited Warranty! If you don’t notice any improvements with your posture or back pain right away, reach out to our world-class customer service team and we’ll make sure that you’re taken care of! Every Essentials purchase is protected from defects and we ALWAYS put our customers first.