Multifunction High Speedy Chopper Design Garlic Cutter Vegetable Fruit Twist Shredder Manual Meat Grinder Kitchen Tools

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Product material: hand pull, main cover :ABS, main container :PS,

Blade: stainless steel.

Product function: the baby and the elderly supplementary food.

Make dumplings with dumpling stuffing.

Make vegetable and fruit salad.

You can use it to make chili sauce, garlic, ginger, celery, etc. In our life.

All the vegetables you see can be used with this dish.

Chopping vegetables is a hassle.Spend time, knife work bad, careless and afraid to leave a scar on meimei's hand...Now have a multifunction shredder, just not the same oh ~ the fruits, vegetables, diced, chopped and cut into silk, cut into bars, as long as a press done ~ do a fruit and vegetable salad, also have a few minutes of time oh ~ this shredder is innovative design, is a multi-purpose, simple operation, novel style, easy to clean, clean, reliable quality, etc.Suitable for restaurant, restaurant, restaurant and canteen.Cut radish slices, potato chips, bitter melon slices, shredded radish, shredded potato and other vegetable filaments.