Halter-neck Style Sleeveless Kitchen Cooking Apron with Pocket (White)

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The item is a simple & practical kitchen apron, which is made of durable soft polyester materials, and features halter-neck and sleeveless design for easy and comfortable to wear. Besides, it comes with pockets for safely storing some small items such as keys, cellphone, paper money, etc. Therefore, you can wear the apron in kitchen, hotel or restaurant, to well protect your clothes from getting dirty without affecting your normal working.


- Color: mainly white.
- Material: durable soft polyester.
- Unisex design fits for most adult women and men.
- Size: about 73 * 62cm (neck tower not included).
- Halter-neck style and sleeveless design, for convenient to wear.
- Wearing the apron can well protect your clothes and trousers from getting dirty without affecting your normal working.
- Come with two pockets for or convenient storage.
- Perfect for wearing in kitchen, cafe, working shop, hotel, etc.
- Comfortable to wear, and easy to clean.