Abox Vacuum Sealer Machine V66

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  • Shipping Weight : 1.370kg
  • Net Weight : 1.370kg
  • Package Length : 39.1000cm
  • Package Width : 9.9000cm
  • Package Hight : 23.2000cm
  • Package Description : Vacuum Sealer Machine*1cm





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ABOX Vacuum Sealer Machine, V66 Fully Automatic Vacuum Sealing System with Intelligent One-Touch Operation and Crush-Free Instant Seal, Sous Vide with Starter Kits, Cutter and 10 Bags,Black

[ INTELLIGENT ONE-TOUCH OPERATION ] Simple one-touch operation starts vacuum and sealing process, intelligent LED progress display exclusive technology allows you to witness all vacuum and sealing process. Just softly one-touch button, the machine takes care of the rest, automatically shuts off when vacuum sealing is completed
[ LID OPEN AND ClOSE AUTOMATICALLY ] Top cover opening and closing automatically features hands-free operation and crush-free instant seal, no struggle to hard lock latch closure, with the touch of one button, air and moisture are automatically removed from specially designed BPA-free bags and jars, fast sealing freshness in to extend the life of your food
[ 5 SELECTABLE VERSATILE MODES ] Eliminates freezer burn for fridge and pantry storage. Engineered with Dry/Wet/Soft/Single Seal/ Outside Vac modes, customized “outside vac” suction hose, not only for canisters and jars, also perfect for package letters, clothes, precious family photos, valuables for long-term preservation, removable reservoir catches excess liquids
[ HIGH SENSITIVITY TOUCH SCREEN PANEL AND WIDER SEALING STRIP ] The extra wide sealing strip applies heat for a secure, air-tight sealing locks in the nutrient and flavor of food, it’s a lay flat sealer which makes it easier to line items up inside the bag compared to vertical food preservation machine, one soft touch all finished and saving your time per week
[ UPSCALE DESIGN AND FULL STARTER KIT ] Compact and space-saving design is made for daily countertop use, suitable for all size kitchens and easy to clean outer surface. Ideal for preserving the freshness and nourishing qualities of your life. Come with 10 bags, cutter and external suction hose

Warm Tips:
1. After you press down any functional button on sensitive touch panel, the top cover will close automatically, after it finishes the operation, the top cover will open automatically.
2. Please place open side of bag into vacuum chamber(make sure the bag is flatly laid inside the vacuum channel and not beyond limited position).
3. To achieve the best result, please allow the vacuum sealer to cool down for 20 seconds after each time it 's used.
4. If the upper cover is not closed, please close the cover as following: pushing the lever on the lower cover to the upward position, then close the lid and make sure the lever is inserted into groove. Insert the locks on both sides into the upper cover. Hear a clicking sound which indicates the vacuum sealer is completely locked.